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If you’re an active fix & flip investor, whether you’ve purchased just a handful of properties or hundreds, you know that — WITHOUT FAIL — something unexpected happens on EVERY DEAL that often…

Sucks Your Profits Dry, or Worse – Causes You To Go In The Red!

It’s painful, but true!

From experience, we’ve learned that it comes down to just three things that can make the difference between a fat payday and bleeding red ink.

We call them…

Three Kisses of Death For Fix & Flip Investments

Overestimating After Repair Value (ARV)

Overestimate your final property value after rehab can be the kiss of death.

Underestimating Construction Costs

Being over budget on rehab/construction kills your profits. Period!

Underestimating Completion & Market Time

Every day your property in on the market and does not sell costs you money!

And if you’ve been in this business for any length of time, here’s something else you know from experience… most lenders don’t give a damn about any of these things. In fact, most lender’s #1 objective is to… Avoid Making A Bad Loan!


How Typical Lenders Work

For the typical lender that funds fix & flip deals, whether you make a profit on the project is not even in the equation!

And when your deal does get funded (because it fit into their one-size-fits all guidelines), they essentially write you a check and say “Thank you, have a nice day” and move on to the next deal in their pipeline.

And that’s all well and good, if everything were to go EXACTLY as you expect it to on your projects. But you and I both know, that simply does not happen in the real world.

In the real world, not only does something unexpected always seem to happen that costs you profits… but when the s#*t really hits the fan… the typical lender simply forecloses on you, and you’re left holding the bag!

At Investor Direct Capital, we offer the IDC Smart Money Advantage.

IDC Smart Money Advantage

The IDC Smart Money Advantage is what sets Investor Direct Capital (IDC) apart from every other fix & flip lender in the market.

If you look up the phrase “smart money” in Google, the definition reads…

“Money Invested By People With Expert Knowledge”

This is exactly what the IDC Smart Money Advantage is… funding combined with expert knowledge.

Here’s How You Benefit With The IDC Smart Advantage

Using our extensive experience of funding over 600 residential and commercial properties, we look at all three of the critical factors that can make or break your deal and offer you our findings.

We work collaboratively with you… with one goal in mind:

To Help You Maximize Your Profits, And Avoid Losses On Your Investment

For example:

  • We look at your construction budget in detail, and offer our expert opinion if you are over budget or under budget.
  • We help you uncover hidden ways to lower your construction/rehab costs so you pocket more profit when you sell.
  • We do an in-depth market analysis to help determine if our clients are estimating their ARV accurately or not.
  • In addition, we can determine with uncanny accuracy the approximate time it will take to complete your project and get it sold at the price you want.

And the best part is… we offer all of this 100% FREE for the clients we work with.

In short, we offer financing combined with expert knowledge to help our clients maximize their profits and minimize their losses.

Think of it this way… who would you rather have on your team:

  1. A rich uncle whose only value is the ability to write you a check, or…
  2. A rich uncle that can not only write you a check, but help you grow your business and offer you expert guidance on how to avoid disaster and maximize your profits along the way.

The answer is obvious!

So if you’re interesting in working with a lender with expert knowledge, that can help you structure your next deal in a way that might very well help you pocket an extra $10k, $20k, $50k or more… then IDC is the right lender for you.

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